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VITECO – the fellowship of independent experts. We unite into project groups basing on the specifics of assignments in question, providing variable scenarios, flexibility and optimal combination of competences "for a particular Client".
Our business ties, experience, geography and range of interests allow us to be "at the forefront" of the development of knowledge and technology, apply world’s best practices to achieve synergistic effect, remote transfer of skills.
Thanks to modern technologies and means of communication, we, even being dispersed throughout the globe, effectively coordinate our efforts, ensure Client’s satisfaction, joint development of documentation, online training, remote transfer of skills.
Our History
2004 - beginning of the Company's consulting practice, implementation of environmental and social components of IFI municipal infrastructure development projects in the CIS countries.
Since 2012, we are notably expanding geography and business areas, actively establishing partnerships.
Today VitEco enjoy more than 100 accomplished assignments in 16 countries, has active representatives in 10 cities.
Our Values
We are responsible for fulfilling our obligations to our clients, employees and partners.
Productivity and professionalism
We strive to perform our work promptly, efficiently, successfully and in accordance with high professional standards.
Customized approaches and sustainability
We are constantly looking for innovative and customized solutions that allow us to cope with the tasks of our clients on principles of sustainable development.
Equal opportunities and diversity
We do not discriminate against any persons, and also adhere to the principles of gender equality in labor relations.
Cooperation and respect
We are the team of dedicated professionals who respect ideas, values and needs of each other and our clients.
Readiness for continuous training
We support training and continuous professional growth of our specialists
Our experts are professional consultants with direct experience in transfer of know-how, both
through on-the-job training and through preparation and delivery of formal specialized training programs. They are fluent in both English and/or Russian, local languages and can communicate professionally in them.
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