The project sphere of our business interests has no territorial boundaries. We implement projects
throughout Eurasian space, acting as consultants to both public and private clients, and strive to
further expand geography and spectrum of services.
Сфера наших бизнес-интересов не имеет территориальных границ. Мы реализуем проекты на всём Евразийском пространстве, выступая консультантами как государственных, так и частных заказчиков, стремимся к дальнейшему расширению географии и функционала услуг.

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VITECO Priorities
Among the main priorities of VITECO activities are projects of international financial organizations in the field of municipal infrastructure and life support industries, where our integrated solutions create a wide «green corridor» for development of society & businesses, resilient to climate changes.

Solid Waste Processing and Management
Water supply and Wastewater treatment


Power Engineering

Industrial and civil construction
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