Development of corporate and social relations in harmony with the environment
Focus management of the company on creating favorable social conditions, while projects and business itself – on environmental friendliness
Our goal is to promote environmentally and socially healthy and sustainable development based on the principles of «Environmental, Social and corporate Governance – ESG»
Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance
Working with us, you acquire: professional team of like-minded people keen on successful results, guaranteed socially responsible business development, prospects for sustainable growth in accord with modern trends and challenges.
Now, to succeed, every business, as well as any significant project, must be environmentally conscious and socially responsible. As we say: "Who cares wins". This was how the Secretary-General Kofi Annan addressed the UN in 2004, when he formulated the ESG postulate – "Environmental, social and corporate governance".
The scope of our interests is rather diverse and continues to expand. From typical assignments like modernization of public utilities, we are heading towards creation of "Green cities", eco-friendly transport, "smart" methods of solid waste management. We work in the field of reducing and preventing methane emissions at landfills, integrated waste recycling, ensuring energy efficiency of buildings and industries, promote the NetZero ideology, and assist our clients in generating carbon credits.
Vladimir Litvak
Associate Director
System-based approach to integration of the company into eco-community
Our functionality fully matches wide range of today environmental agenda. The steps of handling problems are linked to milestones of the project implementation process. The Client understands the sequence of actions and has a clear plan with tangible intermediate results.
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