We provide comprehensive support at all stages of the life cycle of production assets and projects. We offer environmental and social study of investment proposals and support of construction works.
Our services include measures to improve efficiency, decarbonization, raise social responsibility and enhance sustainability of development. We optimize late stages of asset utilization, facilitate completion of projects and decommissioning of facilities.
Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA)
→ Conducting preliminary and full-scale ESA,
→ Analysis of existing gaps in the HSE materials developed according to national
procedures, in view of the requirements for conducting ESA adopted by International
Financial Institutions,
→ Assessment of socio-economic impacts of designed facilities,
→ Development of environmental and social action plans, including in the field of
industrial safety and social responsibility,
→ Development of environmental and social monitoring programs,
→ Development of strategy and action plan for preservation of cultural heritage,
Organization of interaction with stakeholders
→ Identification of stakeholders,
→ Identification and analysis of expectations and concerns related to planned or ongoing
business activities,
→ Organizing and conducting large-scale consultations with stakeholders,
→ Development of Stakeholder Engagement Plans,
→ Conducting dispute resolution activities,
→ PR campaigns, public awareness events, public hearings, explanatory and other
Environmental and Social Audit
→ Development of environmental and social assessment plans, including action plan in the field of environmental protection, occupational safety and industrial safety,
→ Development of environmental and social control programs,
→ Preparation of enterprise reports in the field of environmental and social responsibility,
→ Development of recommendations for improving activities in accordance with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards,
→ Independent audit of enterprise reports in the field of environmental and social responsibility,
→ Preparation of Stakeholder Participation Programmes.
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
→ Development of guidelines and recommendations on practical application of SEA,
→ Organization and participation in pilot SEA projects,
→ Conducting events and seminars on SEA,
→ Conducting trainings at the national and subnational level for government officials, experts, and other potentially interested parties.
Mitigation of climate challenges
→ Carbon footprints accounting, analysis, GHG calculations and reporting, benchmarking;
→ Decarbonization investments planning, targets and roadmaps;
→ Preparation of applications and proposals for carbon credits, climate grant financing;
→ ESG rating, benchmarking, policies and priorities;
→ Climate action projects development.
Integrated Management Systems
→ Development and implementation of full-scale management systems in accordance with requirements of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18000, SA 8000.
→ Work on customized, Client-oriented, elements of management system at different stages of enterprise life cycle (design, construction, operation).
→ Taking into account specific features of enterprises – Clients and requirements of International Financial Institutions,
→ Priority in management of requirements for environmental protection, labor protection, industrial safety, social responsibility, public relations.
Educational and R&D activities
→ Capacity building activities, consultations and trainings on environmental protection, health, safety and public relations for industrial enterprises and financial organizations,
→ Development of guidelines, manuals and information materials,
→ Conducting research in the field of environmental protection, health, safety and social responsibility,
→ Climate & ESG education programs, corporate decarbonization awareness, climate risk assessment and management.
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